Kay’s Hydra Facial

Kay’s® Hydra Facial

Beautiful Radiant Skin after just one sitting? Yes, that is now possible! Kay’s® Hydra Facials are the latest beauty innovation to be hitting salons, because they promise to deliver not only immediate visibility, but also long-lasting results. Kay’s® Hydra Facial give you instant and lasting hydration for a plump and refreshed complexion.

Kay’s® Hydra Facial is a non-invasive treatment that rejuvenates and protects facial skin. Kay’s® Hydra Facial is recognized as a solution for improving the appearance. Kay’s® Hydra Facial is an advanced version of an old facial treatment.

Kay’s® three types of Hydra Facial is the perfect solution for both men and women who desires to refresh and update their appearance with a non-invasion but powerful treatment. Kay’s® Hydra Facial is ideal for all skin types and especially targets and improves issues such as acne, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, oily and congested pores and aging.

1.         Kay’s® Hydra Whitening Facial

2.         Kay’s® Hydra Soothing Facial

3.         Kay’s® Hydra Acne Facial

Kay’s® Hydra Whitening Facial

Step 1. Kay’s® Hydra Whitening Mist (Art No KHWM1):

Kay’s® Hydra Whitening Mist (Art No KHWM1) is a refreshing antioxidant mist that helps skin whitening and hydration. Kay’s® Hydra Whitening Mist (Art No KHWM1) contains natural fruit acid. They provide skin’s protective barrier by creating an active antioxidant shield which helps in fighting free radical damage, and helps in preventing the skin darkness.

Step 2. Kay’s® Hydra Whitening Cleanser (Art No KHWC2):

Kay’s® Hydra Whitening Cleanser (Art No KHWC2) is a mild foaming gel, cleans the dark skin tone, thoroughly removes all the impurities, without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture & pH levels.

This cleanser contains natural fruit acid, which gently rinses away dark skin tone, toxins and debris to leave skin feeling fairer and hydrated.

Step 3. Kay’s® Hydra Whitening Massage Lube (Art No KHWML3):

Kay’s® Hydra Whitening Massage Lube (Art No KHWML3) provides hydration and gives skin a radiant boost for healthy looking skin. Highly-stable Vitamin C complex, helps boosting the brighter skin and improved barrier defensed. Antioxidant-rich formula with Hyaluronic Acid delivers essential hydration to minimize the appearance of darken skin, fine lines and wrinkles. They support natural skin renewal.

Kay’s® Hydra Soothing Facial

(For reactive, Sensitized or Over Processed Skin)

Kay’s® Hydra Soothing Mist (Art No KHSM1):

Kay’s® Hydra Soothing Mist (Art No KHSM1) is for reactive, sensitized or over processed skin types. This facial mist soothes the skin and delivers light weighted hydration and   powerful actives.  Hyaluronic acid has an unique ability to hold on to water and replenishes the skin with hydration. In addition, Pro-Vitamin B5 offers a soothing and regenerating action that helps to reduce redness while providing the skin with lasting comfort. As you apply the mist, it actively works to soothe sensitive, and irritated skin, delivering intense hydration as well as comfort.

Kay’s® Hydra Soothing Cleanser (Art No KHSC2):

Kay’s® Hydra Soothing Cleanser (Art No KHSC2) is for reactive, sensitized or over processed skin. This is pH-balanced, hydrated and mild-foaming cleanser, helps to calm and cool reactive, sensitized or over processed skin. Delicately fortifies skin’s protective barrier without leaving an irritating residue, and easily rinses away or wipes off, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Kay’s® Hydra Soothing Massage Lube (Art No KHSL3):

Kay’s® Hydra Soothing Massage Lube (Art No KHSL3) can deeply nourish, protect, and repair the skin. It is perfect for the care of reactive, sensitized or over processed skin. This product has a unique formula that helps in treating and reducing such symptoms, with hydrating and nourishing properties. It’s helps in deep hydration of the skin but also enhances the protection of lipids. This strengthens the skin barrier not only helping calm irritations but also protect the skin.

Kay’s® Hydra Acne Facial

It’s a common misconception that only teenagers have breakouts. When in reality, a number of men and women experience acne and associated skin discoloration and scarring well-into adulthood.

Kay’s® Hydra Acne Facial is an acne treatment that can offer acne free clearer and smoother complexion.

1. Kay’s® Hydra Acne Mist (Art No KHAM1):

For acne-prone skin, now you can get rid of acne before it even emerges with our refreshing, multi-tasking Kay’s® Hydra Acne Mist (Art No KHAM1) that works for clearer and shine-free skin. Kay’s® Hydra Acne Mist (Art No KHAM1) it contains Turmeric, Marigold and Witch hazel. They eliminate acne inflammation, even helps in prevention of future oil clogs. It delivers an unique formula of skin-soothers, to help reduce redness and irritation.

2. Kay’s® Hydra Acne Cleanser (Art No KHAC2):

Kay’s® Hydra Acne Cleanser (Art No KHAC2) helps preserving skin’s essential defenses so it can become more acne resistant with regular use. This face wash is for acne-prone skin contains maximum strength Turmeric, Witch hazel, Marigold extract that helps clearing acne and prevents breakouts.

Kay’s® Hydra Acne Cleanser (Art No KHAC2), cleanses away dirt, oil, grime, impurities, and bacteria. Thoroughly and gently eliminates dirt and fights acne, while respecting the fragile skin barrier and helping to protect against future breakouts.

3. Kay’s® Hydra Acne Massage Lube (Art No KHAML3):

Kay’s® Hydra Acne Lube (Art No KHAML3) has light weight texture that absorbs quickly to moisturize skin and prevents emerging breakouts without a greasy feel.

Zinc controls the sebum production by suppressing the androgens and are responsible for over activation of sebaceous glands. Its water-based formula is oil-free, non-greasy, and non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores.

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